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1-2-1 Peer Support

We come alongside bereaved parents to hear your story and support you on your journey to healing. It doesn’t matter if you have surviving children or not, there is room for you here. Our 1-2-1 support sessions can be a one-off chat or regular meetups, so whether it’s a walk and talk or a chat with coffee, we’ll be there to listen. We also have a monthly online support group.

Help starts with a call so please get in touch.

– One-off or ongoing support
– Tailored to your needs
– In person, online or telephone chats
– Monthly online parents support group



Parenting With Hope Group

Parenting after loss can be hard so we want you to know you’re not alone. Our monthly parenting after loss support group provides a safe place for parents experiencing loss to come together and find comfort. Come and join a community of parents who have walked in your shoes and understand what you’re going through – we’d love to welcome you.

– On the 4th Tuesday of every month
– At Hebron Christian Faith Church, Coventry
– Pre-school siblings welcome
– Join the Facebook group here


Pregnancy After Loss

We know that pregnancy after loss can be a journey that’s filled with anxiety so we’re here to support you throughout. Whether that’s with 1-2-1 support, providing access to maternity clothes, going with you to appointments or just being there on the other end of the phone to listen, we’ll be right beside you.

– 1-2-1 direct support
– Access to maternity clothes
– Request a pregnancy after loss support box
– Support at UHCW hospital appointments


Grief Recovery Method

Grief after an emotional loss can feel completely overwhelming and make us feel isolated from our everyday lives. The Grief Recovery Method® is the only evidence-based grief recovery program in the world that provides a powerful and directed approach to healing. You’ll receive structured guidance and support every step of the way.

– Structured 1-2-1 grief support sessions
– Grief support groups for parents
– Helping Children With Loss® 4-week program
– Led by certified Grief Recovery Method Specialists

Sibling Support

We also offer sibling support, click here to find out more.

Grief Recovery Method

The Grief Recovery Method® recognises that everyone’s journey through grief is different. The loss of a baby is a very personal experience, and nobody knows how you’re really feeling except you.

Our specialists are fully certified by the Grief Recovery Institute and trained to walk with you in your grief, guiding and helping you to take effective and lasting action.

These sessions provide a safe and compassionate space for you to work through your emotional pain. You’ll follow a structured, tried and tested approach that will give you the tools needed to recover from your loss and go forward to lead a happier life.

At Hannah’s House we offer three Grief Recovery Method options, these are subsidised by the charity, we just ask you for a small donation.

Group Grief Support Sessions

Led by fully trained and certified Grief Recovery Specialists, this program includes 7 group sessions and provides support in a safe and welcoming environment for parents that have experienced baby loss either recently or in the past.

1-2-1 Grief Support Sessions

Following the same 7-meeting format and materials as the group sessions, this program is for those who would prefer to work 1-2-1 with our specialist in a more private setting.

Helping Children With Loss Program

How do you explain to a child that a baby has died? Finding the right words is hard and many parents struggle to know how to help their children understand loss. This 4-week program teaches parents the specific tools needed to help children deal with their grief.